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Thank you for visiting, PLEASE READ to know what we do and how we operate!

Scenic City Motors Operates Differently Than Most Dealerships

  • We try to sell our vehicles as close to individual price as possible. KBB individual price.

  • In our experience buying a car at that price online is extremely hard to do. NADA is closer to reality when buying a vehicle that has been maintained and is in good cosmetic shape.

  • We aim to best that. Our overhead isn’t huge and we can pass the savings along. This is how we operate.

Our Vehicles Are High Quality And Thoroughly Vetted

  • Every vehicle we sell is inspected by a trusted local ASE certified mechanic. We fix any issues prior to listing them for sale.

  • When purchasing we aim for new car trade-ins, ones that are nice and have been well maintained.

  • The struggle with that is finding them at a price that allows us to sell them for a great deal. We often leave sales empty handed because we are only trying to find quality vehicles at affordable prices.

We Are Brutally Honest

  • We daily drive them so we can find and fix any issues that may pop up.

  • All cars come with current emissions paperwork and a recent Carfax!

  • Each vehicle is professionally detailed so your car will feel as close to brand new as possible, but without the price tag of a new vehicle.

No Hidden Charges, No Doc Fees, And Always Under Market Value

  • We provide our value upfront, selling only quality vehicles that have been thoroughly vetted for under market price.

  • Our cars are priced as close to what an individual would sell them for and best of all we never charge a doc fee!

  • In doing all of this it makes it so we’re not a typical dealership that does a bunch of negotiating when selling a car.

  • We also sell our warranties at our cost and these come from a local company so there is never any run around when you need service.


The Right Team for Your Needs!

When you think about buying a car, you often think of a painful experience. Not here. We work hard to find deals on quality cars so we can turn around and give you the same, a deal on a quality car.

Family Owned and Operated

We are good people selling good cars. This business supports a local family, not a big company or corporation. Our prices and service surpass the big guys anyways.


Financing Made Easy

We work with several different lenders to get you riding and driving. We work with all types of credit. Typically over a 500 credit score as well as solid proof of income is needed. Cosigners are always a plus when working with challenged credit. We will help you get the best rate we can.

We know Subarus

If your shopping for a Subaru give us a shout. We always have a few getting ready so get on our list so we can let you know when they are ready. We regularly have head gaskets and major maintenance done on them and put out good vehicles. 

(We fix all makes and models, just love some Subis)

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Road Tested

We daily drive our vehicles so that we are able to find any issues they have and have them repaired. We put good safe vehicles out and this is one thing that helps us do it. 

The Best Service

We strive to provide you with only the highest level of customer service and quality of inventory possible. Our team is made up of only the most dedicated local car professionals looking to give you a car that is right for your needs and budget each time. When other dealerships are only concerned with making the most amounts off of every transaction, we’re making sales that are in your best interest.